Support Zephyr Teachout for Congress

Support Reform Champion Zephyr Teachout for Congress

"...a leader in a time when we need leaders" - Bernie Sanders

We need more true leaders like Zephyr Teachout in the House of Representatives. She will root out corruption in our political system and fight to return our government to one that works by and for the people NOT big money special interests. Zephyr literally wrote the book on corruption (seriously. It’s called Corruption In America; you should read it). That's exactly why a couple of billionaires have spent over a million dollars to keep NY-19's Congressional seat in corporate hands. 

If Zephyr beats her big money backed former lobbyist opponent in the general election, she will replace a Republican who never stood up for reform. Soon, we'll have enough in Congress fighting for reform instead of opposing it. And when we do, we'll begin to see what can actually be done when Congress is freed from the corrupting influence of big money politics.