TELL GOVERNOR LEPAGE: Stop soiling clean elections with your sexist rhetoric.

Stooping to hostile, sexist attacks, Maine's governor is trying to mislead voters about Clean Elections. LePage said trusting citizens to fund elections — instead of taking campaign cash from special interests — is like "giving your wife the checkbook." 

From the Maine Beacon: “The governor’s attitude toward women, toward relationships and toward money are so dated as to be bizarre,” said Eliza Townsend, executive director of the Maine Women’s Lobby.

The governor will say anything to maintain the corrupt status quo, from calling this reform "a scam" to insulting women.

Clean Elections has been particularly beneficial to women candidates. In fact, 42% of women candidates surveyed said they would not have run for office without Clean Elections, according to a 2003 survey by the Maine Citizen Leadership Fund. Question 1 for Clean Elections is a grassroots, cross-partisan ballot initiative to put Maine elections back in the hands of Maine voters.


Governor LePage: Stop soiling clean elections with your sexist rhetoric. Mainers, like all Americans, deserve candidates they can trust. We call on you to stop misleading voters on Question 1, Maine's Clean Election Initiative, and apologize for your offensive and insulting remarks. Now, more than ever, voters need a system they can believe in. For Maine voters, Question 1 would help create an ethical system that all Americans deserve.


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