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TELL CONGRESS: Stop Back-Room Deal to Drown Out Americans

Mitch McConnell wants to use this year's must-pass budget bill to drown out everyday Americans in favor of K Street lobbyists and party insiders with a behind-closed doors deal to flood politics with more insider money.

McConnell's deal would eliminate limits on the amount parties can spend in coordination with candidates, making parties a direct way for Washington insiders and special interests to gain even more influence with elected officials. McConnell already used last year's omnibus to dramatically increase party contribution limits, but, this time, the conservative House Freedom Caucus and 115 House Democrats are opposing McConnell’s power grab. We have to have their back.


We call on Republicans and Democrats alike to stand against Mitch McConnell’s attempt to make government less open, less accountable and less in touch with the needs of everyday Americans. McConnell's deal isn’t about free speech. It's about grabbing power for the out-of-touch establishment.

You were elected to stand up to Washington insiders. You were elected to speak for ALL Americans, not just those who can contribute millions. Speak for them now, and stop this corrupt, undemocratic deal.

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